Get Ready to Have Fun

Be prepared to have a great time! We’ve prepared for a smooth event with scores of door and side event prizes, but you need to do a few things to get ready before you show up in order to win door prizes.

NOTE: bring water and snacks and/or a lunch – we’re about a mile from nearest fast food!

1. Get Your PlayerID Ready

You need a Play! Pokemon PlayerID in order to register, play and receive prizes!

Get your Play! Pokemon PlayerID

If you don’t have a PlayerID you should get one online before the event, because everyone will be expected to register online, either at home, or on a friends mobile at the event. If you’ve forgotten your PlayerID, then look it up online or get a new one. We are not able look it up for you on site.

Use your PlayerID to Register Online

You only registration for this event is online and it will open Friday, February 12, 2016. You can register from your computer or from a friends phone on site, but you must register online before you check in.

Have your PlayerID to Check In On Site

Registered players check in on site by telling your PlayerID to staff and paying your admission for the wristbands for your events. Have your driver or family with you before you check-in, so they can get a wristband, too. No pure spectator admission.

2. Get Your Admission Ready

When you check for the championship events, you will pay a $20 admission fee… in cash.

  • Championships cash only, exact change please.
  • Vendors will convert bulk to cash.
  • Credit is OK for challenges and side events, but not championship.

Trading Card Game Tournaments Admission

  • Trading Card Game Regional Championship – Saturday 8am
    • $20 cash all age groups (exact change please to speed your fellow players through the line). First 275 TCG players to check-in get a Greninja Mat!
  • Trading Card Game Side Events
    • Separate admission all ages..
      • League Challenges
        • Saturday #1 Expanded $10 – requires deck list.
        • Sunday #2 Standard $10 – requires deck list.
      • 4 person team battle (price per person) – sealed ($20), Standard Constructed ($5).
      • 8 person – Rochester draft ($20), Standard Constructed ($5).

Video Game Tournaments Admission

  • Video Game Regional Championship – Sunday 8am
    • $20 cash for all age groups (exact change please, to speed your fellow players through the line). First 275 VG players to check-in get a Luxray Mat!
    • Your regional championship wristband also includes FREE admission to up to 2 Premiere Challenges this weekend! You may check in for VG championship after 10am on Saturday and play in Saturday’s premiere challenge.
  • Premiere Challenges – Saturday and Sunday – NO team sheet required!
    • Saturday $10 or FREE for Regional Championship wristband wearers!
    • Sunday $10 or FREE for Regional Championship wristband wearers!
  • Video Game Side Events
    • Separate admisison all ages.
    • Various side events require VGC16 legal teams.
    • See details in the video game side events info on this website.

Bulk for admission info!

VG or TCG Regionals Championship Players – pay with BULK POKEMON CARDS

Do you have a stack of old Pokemon cards laying around? Use it for your admission to the either championship!

Bring 400 clean, common or uncommon cards.

  • ANY set.
  • NO trainers.
  • NO energy.
  • JUST Pokemon.

How does it work?

  1. Have them counted and facing the same direction.
  2. Hand them to Torta Rare Finds/Rick Garcia’s crew outside the hall.
  3. Use the ticket they will give in place of your $20 cash at check-in.

All our vendors will likely be buying bulk during the event, as well, so bring your extra extras to sell.

3. Get your Team or Deck Ready

Video Game. Teams for both Regional Championship and Premiere Challenge must be put into the Battle Box on an Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby game, and constructed according to the official  VG Tournament Rules and Formats document.

Trading Card Game. Card backs or sleeves must be clean, have official Pokemon art and be unmarked throughout the event.

  • Decks constructed for the Championship and Saturday League Challenge #1 must be Expanded format legal.
  • Decks for Sunday League Challenge #2, must be Standard format legal.
  • Decks for the side events will be Expanded or Standard noted at the side event signup.

4. Get Your List Ready In Advance

TRADING CARD GAME premiere events, including championship and League Challenges REQUIRE DECK LISTS – complete, accurate and legible. Raffles will be drawn from your deck list. Only deck lists printed off-site will be eligible for raffle prizes. We will provide deck and team lists on site, but these will be marked so that they are ineligible for raffle prize drawings. Deck lists will be collected at the player meetings, not at check-in.

Expanded Format Deck List (8.5×11)

VIDEO GAME premiere events, including championship and Premiere Challenges will be done via locked Battle Box and DO NOT REQUIRE TEAM SHEETS. Raffles for these events will be based on the scoring computer roster.

5. Understand Event Attendance Limits

There is no provision this year for non-playing spectators, other than up to 3 family members of a minor or 1 driver – these must accompany their player at check-in. Younger siblings accompanying a player can do league or creative center.

If you are coming to the event to do business – buying, selling or trading for sale stock –  and you are not one of our authorized vendors – do not come. Players, our vendors will gladly buy your bulk and special cards, etc. and they have some amazing Pokémon specialties, cards and unobtainium to sell you!


  • Your PlayerID, Online Registration and On-site cash only championship admission required for all ages.
  • Print your deck list at home to be eligible for great door prizes. No team lists needed for VG.
  • No admission for people doing business or just watching, but family and drivers welcome within limits.