Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to do an online deck list? How does it work?
A. Yes. There are no paper decklist submissions. Submit it at RK9 Labs Decklist Creator then update it as much as you like. The FAQ for decklist submission is at RK9 Labs.

Q. Can spectators attend?
A. Not to watch. You cannot enter the play area to watch matches (i.e. spectate). We endeavor to have space to accommodate player rides and immediate family; there is no charge except for parking.

Q. I’m not playing in the championships what can I do?
A. You can visit the creative center and vendors, join a side event read, write, talk while waiting for your player. Non-players may not take up more than one seat or table/floor space, nor enter the play area to observe matches..

Q. Can we bring a bunch of friends or family to cheer our player on?
A. In short, please don’t. We plan to accommodate a percentage of players with rides or immediate family. We will prioritize space for guardians of players under 13. Please do not bring a cheering section or extended family for a player, as you will not be able to observe the match except from the side of the play area and will displace prioritized guardians and ride-givers.

Q. I’m making money from Pokemon cards by selling them, or engaging in trading to get lots of stock to sell. Is that OK?
A. Our vendors support the event and are the exclusive buyers, sellers and large scale traders at our event. See our vending page for more information. Any trade items must fit in a single event-giveaway sized bookbag. NO HIGH VOLUME TRADERS! NO BUYING OR SELLING except for our vendors. Thank you.

Q. Can I bring a backpack or rolling luggage?
A. No. Rolling luggage and packs larger than an event giveaway backpack are prohibited. If you show up with one you may not be admitted to the hall or may be asked to leave. These larger items are unsafe at events. Your bag must be able to fit under your chair.

Q. What is the security for the event?
A. The venue this year is home to gem shows which has a 100% coverage camera system which will be on for the event. In the event of a theft we can ask security to review the recordings; anyone taking backpacks or even/vendor product will be prosecuted. That said, you are asked to keep track of your things. There are 2 security officers assigned as part of the contract for our event and the Costa Mesa PD is directly across the street. The grounds and parking lots are monitored 24×7.