Sun & Moon – Cards and Coffee in Calabasas

Nice relaxing atmosphere; have your favorite Starbucks coffee or tea and enjoy the game. The competition is very low key. Have fun and laugh playing Pokemon.

Tickets only at the link below:

NO onsite sales. There are only 10 seats, so act quickly.

Play 3 rounds with the new Sun & Moon set, using only the cards we give you – each Prerelease Deck contains 4 Sun & Moon booster packs and 1 evolution pack. Each evolution pack contains 22 key cards from current and prior sets, plus 1 of 4 Prerelease promo cards. Every game you win, you will receive an additional pack! We also give you a sheet of damage counters – you get everything you need to play. If you don’t know how to play, we’ll teach you.  Those who play all 3 rounds keep their original 4 packs plus evolution pack, plus any packs they win and will also get an additional 2 packs! Players will also receive a pair of collectible damage counter dice at the end of the event.

Be there at 6:30, we’ll start playing by 7pm and done by 8:30.

Great value – players will receive —

  • 4 + 2 packs of Sun & Moon
  • 22 card key card pack
  • Another pack of XY-Sun & Moon for each game you win