We’re have great vendors for buying your cards and selling singles, packs, supplies, Pokémon artifacts, unobtainium (Un) and fun stuff. In their own words and alphabetical order!

  • Cradilicious – Pokémon Center plushies from JAPAN, deck boxes, sleeves, charms, and more from the Japan Pokémon Centers! Selling single cards and packs.
  • Legacy Cards – Legacy Cards has a large variety of products for sale ranging from singles and accessories to items from Japan. We also buy most cards! We will also be having daily raffles so stop by our booth and see what we have to offer!.
  • MTGDeals – The best spot to buy, sell and trade cards. Best prices on singles and bulk. Check out our buy list for a taste of our great prices! Just type in the name of a card to check it out.
  • Torta’s Rare Finds – Torta Rare Finds basically brings Pokemon Center to the event! Sleeves, plush, key chains, apparel, etc… Also buying and selling singles and bulk.