Other Activities

You do need to be a championship or side event checked in player to get in, but once you’re in, there are all kinds of things to do when you need a break from competition!

Draw & Make

For anyone who would like to draw or model Pokémon. Our ‘Sketchers’ will award promo cards to each artist submitting a drawing or model for our creative center that is the product of their best effort.  Our professors will also award prize tickets to multiple clay models and ‘color in’ or ‘freehand’ drawings created in the creative center at the event several times each day. Prize ticket award schedule will be posted and timed to match breaks in each day’s play schedule.

 Informal Pokemon Art and Artifact Exhibition

Our “Sketchers” will display and exhibit a Pokemon themed art or accessory that you submit. Ribbons will be awarded and we’ll hype your art on our website and Facebook page. See the Info Booth for registration!


For those who love Pokemon merchandise and play items. We will have multiple vendors selling all sorts of Pokemon items: Cards, consoles, styli, keychains, plush, etc. They’ll also be buying your cards and code cards, etc. Please note only officially authorized vendors may buy or sell and trading space and quantity of trade goods is limited at this event.

if you are a person with a side business, like to make quick money at events or have a ton of stuff to trade, better read our limitations and prohibitions before showing up.


For those who need someone to talk to that speaks Pokemon. A Pokemon fan has a universal language that only other fans understand. Meet your friends and make new ones, and just live the Pokemon life, while playing at this event.