2017 Anaheim Regional Pokémon Championship

All 25 Last Chance TCG tickets for Anaheim #pokemon Regional were sold. NO TCG tickets will be available on site. NO further online sales.


Thanks for your interest in the Anaheim Pokémon regional; we are looking forward to seeing you there! Keep checking back here or follow us on Twitter @events2cg or Facebook https://facebook.com/secondcitygym.com for update notifications.


It goes without saying, get your event tickets before your airfare. Tickets have been on sale since Jan 2. If you know someone who has airfare, but no tickets for the VG event, please remind them to get their tickets immediately.

The TCG championship event is sold out. Side events remain open and plentiful on Sunday, but no on-site sales of TCG championship tickets. See below under registration for more detail.

New! Don’t get caught off guard.

This event is designed to finish at a reasonable hour. Your ticket puts you directly into the round 1 pairings. Therefore, it is now your responsibility to buy your ticket online and fill out your team sheet or deck list in advance. Time for those activities is NOT provided at the event.

  1. Buy your ticket online in advance. No in-person offline sales!
  2. Fill out your deck list or team sheet in advance; it will be collected at your R1 seat.


Presidents Day Weekend – doors open 8am

  • Saturday, February 18, 2015
    • Video Game and Trading Card Game Championship Swiss Rounds
      • Check-in 8am
      • No rounds begin after 8pm
    • Side events begin and prize wall opens about 1pm
  • Sunday, February 19, 2015
    • TCG/VG 2nd Day Swiss and Championship Rounds
    • Lots more Side Events and prize wall beginning 10am


Business Expo Center
1960 S. Anaheim Way
Anaheim, CA 92805


Street & Neighboring Lot Parking Map – provided by venue. Click to enlarge.

Yellow street and loaner lot parking. Back of venue also allowed.

Yellow mark shows street and loaner lot parking. Back of venue also allowed.

Lot Parking Map

Lot parking is also provided BEHIND the venue (big lot).


Anaheim has fantastic and plentiful hotel options. Please choose the best location and deal for you!

Feb 12 6PM – Trading Card Championship SOLD OUT

There are no more seats available in the Trading Card Game Hall. Barring cancellations, no more seats will be sold. You may check the box office for cancellations (no waiting or notify list is possible for the box office), but there have only been less than a dozen cancellation so far for the event..

There may possibly seats available Friday Feb 17, between 6-7pm. Like our Facebook page or follow @events2cg on Twitter to be updated IF any more seats are available at that time.

Enjoy TCG side events anyway! We do have an online package of side events tickets (5 for the price of 4) available online through Friday. In person side event tickets will go on sale after 10am Saturday. Side Event Tickets will be good for League & Premiere Challenge Sunday Feb 18, (2 tickets)  as well as 8 player TCG, VG & GO pods (1 Ticket) sometime after 10 am Saturday and right at 8:30 am Sunday. We have great prizes in the prize booth exclusively for Side Events and Sunday is our major side event day!

Important Registration Information

NO PAPER REGISTRATION & NO REGISTRATION KIOSKS – you must purchase a ticket using unique and valid Player Name, PlayerID & Birth Date with your own or a borrowed computer or mobile, before check-in closes 8:45am February 18, 2017.  Just as with past Pokémon US Nationals, this online, pre-pay system is the only way to register.

Official Pokemon.com Event Listings

Buy Your Tickets

VG/TCG Championship $30; VIP TCG/VG $60; Online Side Event Pack 5 tix for $20 (reg $5 ea).

VIP seating extras:  Fixed seat in VIP section in order of purchase (unless playing another VIP); bottled water 2x day; 3 prize wall tickets.
Unique Person & Valid PlayerID Required per Ticket:  The ticket(s) on your order are used to add you (and/or your players) directly to the pairings with no check-in  Don’t order a ticket for anyone until your have their complete and exact information. See “Important Note” below for detail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Refund requests will not be honored after 9:00 pm Thursday, February 16; up until that time you may use the box office contact form to request a refund. You must be present at the event to claim any promotional items related to your ticket. Tickets purchased with duplicate or incorrect player information will not be valid, may not be reflected on the roster and a fix will not be attempted until after the first round of play; if noticed before the event, all related orders will be cancelled. If two tickets are ordered for the same person, all related orders will be cangelled.. Use of an incorrect or false email on the ticket order may result in uncorrectable errors, lack of timely notification of important changes to the event and the purchaser accepts all liability and consequences for incorrect info, email or other input errors.

Trading Card Championship Requirements

NEW! No time to fill out your deck list on site. Do it in advance.
NEW! Your ticket enters you in round 1. Just place your completed deck list face down on the table when you are seated for round 1. No other check-in!

  1. CREATE a STANDARD format deck for the tournament
  2. Fill out a deck list in STANDARD format.
  3. USE Status Condition markers and Damage markers
  4. USE only cards or sleeves that are clean, unmarked and are plain or official Pokemon art

BEFORE you leave for the event – DO these things

  1. FILL OUT a legible deck list
  2. CHECK your deck against the list to make sure it is correct and in STANDARD format

BUY your event ticket online in advance! No in-person offline sales.

See our registration page in order to get your ticket. You will need a valid Player ID to buy your ticket and you can learn how to get one online on this website.

You cannot buy your event ticket for cash and you must buy it online. You should buy it before you get to the event. You are permitted to use your or a friend’s mobile device to buy your event ticket online once you get to the venue, but why would you wait?

FOLLOW THIS CHECKLIST for what to bring to the event

  • Deck, 60 card standard format, clean and unmarked
  • Deck List, completed and legible
  • Damage Counters & Status Markers
  • Spare Sleeves (if used)
  • Lunch, water and snacks – its a long day with very short breaks.
  • Bookbag to keep track of your stuff.

Prizes and Championship Points

Please see the Regional Championship information page on the pokemon.com site for information about prizing and championship points.

Video Game Championship Requirements

NEW! Your ticket enters you in round 1. Just get your battle box locked before being seated.
NEW! No time to fill out your team sheet on site. Do it in advance.

VG STANDARD format is REQUIRED, please learn about it:

  1. DOWNLOAD the official VG format document from pokemon.com
  2. TEAM must meet the restrictions in Section 1
  3. EQUIPMENT must meet the restrictions in Section 2

BEFORE you leave for the event – DO these things

  1. MOVE your STANDARD format legal team into your game’s battle box
  2. FILL OUT the 2017 VG SUMO Team List for your team – make sure moves are listed IN ORDER as on the Pokémon.
  3. CHARGE your game fully before you leave for the event

VG Player Tips

BUY your event ticket in advance!

See our registration page in order to get your ticket. You will need a valid Player ID to buy your ticket and you can learn how to get one online on this website.

You cannot buy your event ticket for cash and you must buy it online. You should buy it before you get to the event. You are permitted to use your or a friend’s mobile device to buy your event ticket online once you get to the venue, but why would you wait?

FOLLOW THIS CHECKLIST for what to bring to the event

  • Sun or Moon Game, Console and Charger!
  • Completed and legible 2017 VG SUMO Team List with moves in same order as in team.
  • Lunch, water and snacks – its a long day with very short breaks.
  • Bookbag to keep track of your stuff.

Prizes and Championship Points

Please see the Regional Championship information page on the pokemon.com site for information about prizing and championship points.

Side Event Info (and other fun things)

8-Player Pods

Win prize wall tickets all weekend. Players who didn’t attend Saturday welcome on Sunday for Side Events.

Sunday Challenges

VG Premiere Challenge

Premier Challenge on Sunday at the Anaheim Regionals. Purchase event tickets on site. Turn in team sheet and register between 8:30-9:30am. Swiss should be done by 1pm, Top Cuts by 5pm.

Swiss rounds 20 minutes time limit, single game matches.
Top Cut 50 minutes time limit, best of 3 game matches.

Entry – two event tickets (purchase on site)

Prizes – Top Cut gets battery bank and USB to 3DS charging cable. Swiss Prizing are prize booth tickets depending on attendance!

TCG League Challenge

League Challenge on Sunday at the Anaheim Regionals. Purchase event tickets on site. Turn in deck list and register between 9:30-10:15am. Event should be done by 5pm.

Swiss rounds 50 minutes time limit, best of 3 game matches.
No Top Cut

Entry – two event tickets (purchase on site)

Prizes – 3 boxes Sun/Moon broken down among top players in each division, courtesy of Innova Games. Prize booth tickets depending on attendance!

Video Game Championship Stream

Nugget Bridge is proud to bring you the Anaheim Video Game Championships hosted by Second City Gym on our twitch channel this winter! Join our veteran commentators Duy Ha, Adam Dorricott, and Len Dueul, as they provide their expert analysis on the exciting high stakes VGC 2017 matches!

Other Fun

  • Pokemon GO contest
  • Coloring and modeling in the creative center.


Vendor and Sponsor Info

We have some great vendors, with great products to sell and they are sponsoring parts of the event! Here they are in alphabetical order:

  • Cradilicious Video Game Championship Raffle Sponsor – prize worth over $150 retail.
  • Innova GamesLeague Challenge Prizing Sponsor – Sun & Moon sealed boosters.
  • Legacy CardsTrading Card Championship Raffle Sponsor – prize worth over $150 retail.
    • Legacy Cards has been in the Pokemon community for the past 5 years.  We have been to multiple regionals/states/cities events on the west coast the past 4 years.  We sell anything from sealed products to individual cards that you need!  We also carry a selection of items from the Pokemon Center in Japan.  We will have sealed product, singles, Pokemon Center Exclusives, and many more!  We will also be buying bulk throughout the event!  Come check us out!
  • MTG DealsVIP Players Sponsor – VIP package for 50 players worth over $1400 retail total.

Thanks to our wonderful vendors for this years sponsorship. Vendors will be supplying a description of their goods and what they will buy, so check back Feb 4 for an update.

All buying and selling must be done with the vendors. Personal trading (but not selling) is allowed, but limit trade goods to 1 bookbag in size. See our FAQ linked below for details.

Event Schedule Info

In order to have a timely event, so you are playing and not waiting, we are planning a detailed schedule.

(No) Breaks

There will be no formal lunch break either day. Bring your own water, snacks and lunch!

Togos will be serving the following menu in the hall. However, to ensure you don’t miss out on food because your games run long, bring your own water and snacks.

  • Lunch bag is $12 (1 sandwich, 1 bag of chip, 1 cookie).
  • Individual box of salad for $5
  • Small box of muffins with grapes for $3 each
  • Chips for $2 each, cookies $2 each
  • Brownies for $2 each
  • Assorted soda cans, water bottles, juice bottles or Gatorade $2 each
  • Whole fruits (bananas, apples, oranges) for $1 each
  • Candies for $2 each.

TCG Schedule

Swiss Rounds Saturday, Finals for all age divisions Sunday

TCG Swiss Schedule Saturday

TCG Swiss Schedule

VG Schedule

Swiss Rounds Saturday, Finals for all age divisions Sunday

Saturday Swiss Schedule similar to TCG schedule. Will update when we have a better attendance estimate, as that will affect the time needed to lock battle boxes and whether we will have round 9. Like our Facebook page or follow @events2cg on twitter for updates.

If you ask a question, about something that hasn’t been published above, it will be answered here.

Winter 2017 Regional

Will Sun and Moon be legal for Regionals?

Yes, Sun and Moon will be legal for Standard play at Regionals.

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May I attend as a spectator?

Maybe, but you won’t be able to see much, since only competitors are allowed in the competition area. Its better for you to come on Sunday and play in a side event. Spectators and side event players do not need to buy  championship admission.

A limited number of family are certainly welcome with their minor players, but again, only competitors are allowed at the tables, so we don’t recommend bringing a lot of family to watch.

Here are some reasons why you wouldn’t be able to attend as a spectator:

  • If the hall is at maximum capacity, only family of minors will be allowed to remain.
  • You are not really there as a spectator, but you are there to promote your business, buy or sell, set up a large trade area or do publishing without authorization. You will be told to leave.

Again, if you want to see what a regional is like, if you come on Sunday and play in a side event that will give you your best experience of the competition.

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Do I need to buy a ticket if my child is playing? Can I just watch?

If your child has a ticket, of course, you may attend without purchasing a ticket!

That said, Regional Championships are not a great place to ‘watch Pokemon’. Spectators are not allowed in the play area and the event has an occupancy capacity. If you’re interested in getting a feel for Pokemon, we recommend you attend your local league (search on pokemon.com). If you play Pokemon already and want to participate, please attend our side events on Sunday afternoon. You can purchase tickets on site for smaller fun-oriented competitions!

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Is it possible to participate in both Trading Card and Video Game Championship??


No! Both championship events begin on day 1 first thing. However, you can participate in Championship Series Challenges and other side events in both TCG & VG on day 2.

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Are the Trading Card and Video Game Championships both on Saturday? When are the Top Cuts?

As it says in the event information here and on Pokemon.com – YES!

We have an enormous venue – 20,000sqft – and will run swiss rounds for VG on one side and TCG on the other. Top Cut for all divisions and games will be on Sunday.

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Can I photograph, stream or record audio or video at the event?

The short answer is that players and relatives with wristbands are welcome to do some personal photographs or videos; be sure not to become a distraction to a game in progress. The organizer and staff may take pictures or set up streams or recordings as duties require or permit. Everyone else must contact the organizer at events@secondcitygym.com more than two weeks in advance of the event.

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Will I be photographed, streamed or recorded at this event?

Attendance at this Pokémon event may lead to your image and likeness being photographed and video recorded by or on behalf of The Pokémon Company International, or by third parties outside of the control of The Pokémon Company International (TPCi). By entering or remaining at this event, you grant permission for TPCi, its affiliates, and media organizations to publish your name, image, likeness, team or deck composition, methods of play, and written or oral statements in connection with any still photograph, live or recorded video display, or other transmission or reproduction, in whole or in part, of the event, whether or not those items come from items created by representatives of TPCi, and you acknowledge that third parties may create such items and you waive any claim against TPCi with respect to them.

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Can I trade or sell at the event? Can I run my own event?

Please understand we state these limits because we want to bring you affordable, well-prized events to play in! These rules are here to keep fun events and strong prizing moving forward.

Trading. We encourage personal trading, but there are limits! In short, if you want to trade for your collection, you’re probably OK. If you want to trade for your side business, likely not. In addition, limit the amount of trade items as follows:

  • Don’t bring more trade items than fit in a bag, purse or backpack smaller than 16x16x8 inches. Keep it with you at all times; do not give it to someone to hold who also has a bag or backpack.
  • Do not enter the venue with a wheeled storage, such as a crate, backpack, suitcase or box.
  • Do not take up more than 1 chair worth of floor space (including you; your bag goes under the chair) or more than 1 standard TCG mat worth of table space at any time.
  • Traders who, in the judgment of the organizer, interfere with, or generate complaints from authorized vendors will be asked surrender your wristband and leave the venue.

Buying and Selling. In short, if you’re attending the event to make money, and you’re not one of the authorized vendors, don’t enter the venue. Authorized vendors will be present at fixed booths with whom you may buy and sell freely. Authorized vendors are an important part of bringing you affordable and well-prized events. We therefore discourage selling personal items and prohibit buying or selling for any sort of business, side business or quick money. Except for transactions with authorized vendors, personal sales of more than $20 or 10 cards or 3 other items per day are prohibited. Examples of prohibited selling include but are not limited to: 16 code cards, a deck, a box of boosters, 6 mats, 4 plush). Approaching other players or staff to buy in excess of the limits is also prohibited. If you are in violation of buying and selling prohibitions, or cause complaints from staff or vendors with buying or selling behavior, that is unauthorized vending and you will be asked to surrender your wristband and leave the venue.

Other Events.

If you organize your own event in our event space, you will be asked to surrender your wristband and leave.

Violations of trading, buying, selling or improper use of event space may be reported to Pokemon Organized Play.

We unfortunately have to think of example limits and state these things in writing because each  area has been abused in the past and people have tried to argue the case for their abuse. If in the opinion of the organizer, your behavior is detrimental to the event, you may be asked to leave, potentially without refund. This is very unlikely to happen to a person with common sense, self-control and who is at the event to play in the Spirit of the Game.

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Will you look up my PlayerID for me?

No. Please see our Player ID page for links that will help you find your PlayerID or obtain a new one BEFORE you show up to the event.

In registering 1000 people without delaying the event start and running the event overtime, we do not have time to look up your PlayerID. If you show up and ask for your PlayerID, presumably having tried the listed steps, you will be given a new ID.

The current tournament operations manager system does not provide a way to consolidate PlayerID’s accessible to organizers from their different computers, their operators different computers or between organizers. Therefore players must keep track of their own PlayerID. Use of a phone contact, email message or password management software have been effective methods some players have used to track their PlayerID. You may also have associated it with your pokemon.com account.

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What comes with the VIP admission? How long will VIP tickets be available?

You can view what is included in the VIP ticket in our post here.

VIP tickets will be available until they sell out. There are a limited number of tickets available, so we recommend purchasing sooner rather than later if you are interested.

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How can I get a Player ID?

Please see our page on Player ID. That pages covers:

  • How to look up your existing Player ID online.
  • How to obtain a new Player ID online.
  • Obtaining a Player ID on site.

We will have Player IDs to give out on site, but it is better if you get one or look yours up online before arriving on site!

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