May I attend as a spectator?

Maybe, but you won’t be able to see much, since only competitors are allowed in the competition area. Its better for you to come on Sunday and play in a side event. Spectators and side event players do not need to buy  championship admission.

A limited number of family are certainly welcome with their minor players, but again, only competitors are allowed at the tables, so we don’t recommend bringing a lot of family to watch.

Here are some reasons why you wouldn’t be able to attend as a spectator:

  • If the hall is at maximum capacity, only family of minors will be allowed to remain.
  • You are not really there as a spectator, but you are there to promote your business, buy or sell, set up a large trade area or do publishing without authorization. You will be told to leave.

Again, if you want to see what a regional is like, if you come on Sunday and play in a side event that will give you your best experience of the competition.

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