Can I attend as a spectator?

Spectators will not be allowed this year, due to a strict cap of 500 occupants.

Everyone in the venue must have a wristband for that day. Anyone not wearing a wristband, or who does not show that they are wearing a wristband when asked, will be asked to leave. These are the ONLY ways you can get a wristband:

  1. Championship Player – you will get a wristband when you check in for your championship event. Players in TCG championship day 2 swiss or top cut will be given a day 2 wristband at check-in for day 2.
  2. Side Event Player – when you enter the building, you may buy a side event / merchandise ticket for $5. You will get a wristband at that time.
  3. Parent/sibling or rideaccompany your player at each day’s check-in. Up to 1 driver or 3 immediate family can get wristbands for free.
  4. Approved vendors, venue employees and reporters who contact us in advance – you will get a wristband at setup or check-in.

Important Note #1 – There is no ‘open admission’ to the venue. Read our FAQ about the limits on trading, selling and other activities.

Important Note #2 – All wristband holders must keep your wristband on until you are done being in the building for the day. Replacement wristbands will be available as time permits and for a fee.

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