Can I trade or sell at the event? Can I run my own event?

Please understand we state these limits because we want to bring you affordable, well-prized events to play in! These rules are here to keep fun events and strong prizing moving forward.

Trading. We encourage personal trading, but there are limits! In short, if you want to trade for your collection, you’re probably OK. If you want to trade for your side business, likely not. In addition, limit the amount of trade items as follows:

  • Don’t bring more trade items than fit in a bag, purse or backpack smaller than 16x16x8 inches. Keep it with you at all times; do not give it to someone to hold who also has a bag or backpack.
  • Do not enter the venue with a wheeled storage, such as a crate, backpack, suitcase or box.
  • Do not take up more than 1 chair worth of floor space (including you; your bag goes under the chair) or more than 1 standard TCG mat worth of table space at any time.
  • Traders who, in the judgment of the organizer, interfere with, or generate complaints from authorized vendors will be asked surrender your wristband and leave the venue.

Buying and Selling. In short, if you’re attending the event to make money, and you’re not one of the authorized vendors, don’t enter the venue. Authorized vendors will be present at fixed booths with whom you may buy and sell freely. Authorized vendors are an important part of bringing you affordable and well-prized events. We therefore discourage selling personal items and prohibit buying or selling for any sort of business, side business or quick money. Except for transactions with authorized vendors, personal sales of more than $20 or 10 cards or 3 other items per day are prohibited. Examples of prohibited selling include but are not limited to: 16 code cards, a deck, a box of boosters, 6 mats, 4 plush). Approaching other players or staff to buy in excess of the limits is also prohibited. If you are in violation of buying and selling prohibitions, or cause complaints from staff or vendors with buying or selling behavior, that is unauthorized vending and you will be asked to surrender your wristband and leave the venue.

Other Events.

If you organize your own event in our event space, you will be asked to surrender your wristband and leave.

Violations of trading, buying, selling or improper use of event space may be reported to Pokemon Organized Play.

We unfortunately have to think of example limits and state these things in writing because each  area has been abused in the past and people have tried to argue the case for their abuse. If in the opinion of the organizer, your behavior is detrimental to the event, you may be asked to leave, potentially without refund. This is very unlikely to happen to a person with common sense, self-control and who is at the event to play in the Spirit of the Game.

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