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Flashfire Prereleases!


The most fun! The most packs! Second City Gym Pokémon Prereleases!

  • Prerelease event – $30 to get six Flashfire packs, make a 40 card deck and play 3 rounds – then, turn in your energy and get 2 more Flashfire packs! You get a Flashfire promo card (while supplies last), too!
  • Random goodness – three players every round win a door prize pack of the latest set!
  • Support the Store raffle - for every 5 whole dollars from your personal spend for merchandise at the store, you receive 1 entry in our raffle pulled during round 3 of the first seating (only). Two winners will walk away with extra packs of the new set.
  • Code card trade-in – You really should try PTCGO – its a great online simulator from the makers of the Pokémon TCG. However, if you want to trade us your 8 unused codes from your Flashfire Prerelease packs, you’ll get an XY pack, while supplies last.
  • Second City Gym Second Seating Discount - at Torrance and Chatsworth, if you played in the first seating, you can buy your second seating for $20.

Meet us there! Where?

  • Saturday April 26th – All Ways Gaming – Chatsworth – 11am & 1pm Registration
    21032 Devonshire Street. • Units 109/110 • Chatsworth, CA 91311
  • Friday May 2nd – Seth’s Games and Anime – Ventura – 6pm Registration
    2379 E. Main Street Ventura, CA 93003
  • Sunday May 4th – Comic Cult – Torrance – 1pm and 3pm Registration
    1047 W. Carson St., Torrance, California 90502

Reminder about bulk pre-pay! Starts tomorrow, ends Monday.

Locals, don’t miss your opportunity to end up with 10 raffle tickets! That’s 5 for pre-pay with bulk and 5 for pre-registration! It’s worth it to get those cards together and show up!

Like it says over on the right ==============================>

March 14 Friday

6:30 PM Pre-pay with 500 bulk Pokémon Cards (any set, no trainers or energy) at:

March 17 Monday

8:00 PM Pre-pay with 500 bulk Pokémon Cards (any set, no trainers or energy) at Norwalk McDonalds League (confirmed).