Video Game Player Information

Video Game Championship Requirements

NEW! Your ticket enters you in round 1. Just get your battle box locked before being seated.
NEW! No time to fill out your team sheet on site. Do it in advance.

VG STANDARD format is REQUIRED, please learn about it:

  1. DOWNLOAD the official VG format document from
  2. TEAM must meet the restrictions in Section 1
  3. EQUIPMENT must meet the restrictions in Section 2

BEFORE you leave for the event – DO these things

  1. MOVE your STANDARD format legal team into your game’s battle box
  2. FILL OUT the 2017 VG SUMO Team List for your team – make sure moves are listed IN ORDER as on the Pokémon.
  3. CHARGE your game fully before you leave for the event

VG Player Tips

BUY your event ticket in advance!

See our registration page in order to get your ticket. You will need a valid Player ID to buy your ticket and you can learn how to get one online on this website.

You cannot buy your event ticket for cash and you must buy it online. You should buy it before you get to the event. You are permitted to use your or a friend’s mobile device to buy your event ticket online once you get to the venue, but why would you wait?

FOLLOW THIS CHECKLIST for what to bring to the event

  • Sun or Moon Game, Console and Charger!
  • Completed and legible 2017 VG SUMO Team List with moves in same order as in team.
  • Lunch, water and snacks – its a long day with very short breaks.
  • Bookbag to keep track of your stuff.

Prizes and Championship Points

Please see the Regional Championship information page on the site for information about prizing and championship points.