Feb 12 6PM – Trading Card Championship SOLD OUT

There are no more seats available in the Trading Card Game Hall. Barring cancellations, no more seats will be sold. You may check the box office for cancellations (no waiting or notify list is possible for the box office), but there have only been less than a dozen cancellation so far for the event..

There may possibly seats available Friday Feb 17, between 6-7pm. Like our Facebook page or follow @events2cg on Twitter to be updated IF any more seats are available at that time.

Enjoy TCG side events anyway! We do have an online package of side events tickets (5 for the price of 4) available online through Friday. In person side event tickets will go on sale after 10am Saturday. Side Event Tickets will be good for League & Premiere Challenge Sunday Feb 18, (2 tickets)  as well as 8 player TCG, VG & GO pods (1 Ticket) sometime after 10 am Saturday and right at 8:30 am Sunday. We have great prizes in the prize booth exclusively for Side Events and Sunday is our major side event day!

Important Registration Information

NO PAPER REGISTRATION & NO REGISTRATION KIOSKS – you must purchase a ticket using unique and valid Player Name, PlayerID & Birth Date with your own or a borrowed computer or mobile, before check-in closes 8:45am February 18, 2017.  Just as with past Pokémon US Nationals, this online, pre-pay system is the only way to register.

Official Event Listings

Buy Your Tickets

VG/TCG Championship $30; VIP TCG/VG $60; Online Side Event Pack 5 tix for $20 (reg $5 ea).

VIP seating extras:  Fixed seat in VIP section in order of purchase (unless playing another VIP); bottled water 2x day; 3 prize wall tickets.
Unique Person & Valid PlayerID Required per Ticket:  The ticket(s) on your order are used to add you (and/or your players) directly to the pairings with no check-in  Don’t order a ticket for anyone until your have their complete and exact information. See “Important Note” below for detail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Refund requests will not be honored after 9:00 pm Thursday, February 16; up until that time you may use the box office contact form to request a refund. You must be present at the event to claim any promotional items related to your ticket. Tickets purchased with duplicate or incorrect player information will not be valid, may not be reflected on the roster and a fix will not be attempted until after the first round of play; if noticed before the event, all related orders will be cancelled. If two tickets are ordered for the same person, all related orders will be cangelled.. Use of an incorrect or false email on the ticket order may result in uncorrectable errors, lack of timely notification of important changes to the event and the purchaser accepts all liability and consequences for incorrect info, email or other input errors.