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California Pokémon TCG State Championship March 21-22 2015

Basic Info – more to come!

  • Register online before March 21 or register on your buddy’s smartphone on site on March 21 – URL available here February 28th
  • 8am-8:45am Mar 21 Check-in for registered championship players in all age groups
  • Masters Championship Admission $15 – enhanced prizing – gift cards and Pokémon unobtanium
  • All divisions qualifying for Top 8 cut will play Top 8 on Sunday March 22
  • Side events begin Round 3
  • Video Game Premiere Challenge Sunday
  • TCG League Challenge Sunday


136 South San Gabriel BLVD
San Gabriel, CA 91776

Primal Clash Prereleases

More Packs

Get more packs at our events! In addition to the standard Prerelease – play 3 rounds with 6 packs of Primal Clash, get 2 more packs of Primal Clash when you return your borrowed energy – we have more ways to get packs!

  • Random Goodness. Every round we give away 3 packs of Primal Clash!
  • Trade your Code Cards. Give us 8 Primal Clash code cards and get a Phantom Forces pack! You really should be playing PTCGO, but if you don’t make the trade.
  • Support the store Raffle. Save your receipts from purchases during the event; print your name on the back and give them to our scorekeeper; for every $5 you personally spend with the store and document with a receipt, you get an entry in a raffle to win 6 packs of Phantom Forces! Drawing at start of round 3.

Event Listing

Sat Jan 24 1pm – Comic Cult, Torrance
1047 W. Carson St. Torrance, CA 90502

Sat Jan 24 6pm – MTG Deals, San Gabriel
136 South San Gabriel Boulevard, San Gabriel, CA 91776

Sun Jan 25 1pm – All Ways Gaming, Chatsworth
21032 Devonshire Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Fri Jan 30 6pm – Seth’s Games & Anime, Ventura
2379 East Main Street, Ventura, CA 93003

How to Participate

  1. Register at the venue for your event within 30 minutes after the listed start time (pay $30).
  2. We give you 6 packs (and loan you energy) to play 3 rounds.
  3. Return the energy and collect 2 more packs!

If you prefer online registration for the first weekend events, see secondcitygym.eventbrite.com. There is no online registration for the Ventura event.

Southern California Pokemon Regional Championship & Expo 2015

Video Game Championship Series croppedsecondcitygym_art_color-20pct-150Champ_Series_logo_TCG_EN_cymk






Welcome to our all-in-one informational post for this grand championship and expo. Be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to be notified as we update this information.

What’s different this year? New location, new event team, more prizes and side events and we’ve added a community expo for Sunday. You must register online for championships. Read on to find out more…

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December 12, 2014

Alpha Video Game Premiere Challenge Prizing Post

Prizes: per number in each age group

1-4 players: 1st $10 gift card + Small Plushie or Keychain

8+ players: 1st $20 gift card +  Small Plushie or Keychain, 2nd $10 gift card

16+ players: 1st $30 gift card +  Small Plushie or Keychain, 2nd $20 gift card + Small Plushie or Keychain , 3rd-4th $10 gift card

32+ players: 1st $50 gift card +  Large Plushie or Worlds Item, 2nd $30 gift card + Small Plushie or Keychain , 3rd-4th $10 gift card + Small Plushie or Keychain, 5-8 $10 gift card

Premier Challenges Points

Play! Points: 2
Best Finish Limit: 5

Championship Points

Placement Championship Points Kicker
1 40 0
2 32 0
3–4 26 0
5–8 20 16
9–12 14 32
13–16 8 32
17–32 4 64
33–64 2 128

San Gabriel TCG City Championship and VG Premiere Challenge – Dec 27, 2014

At MTG Deals – two events in the same location!

Saturday December 27, 2014
MTG Deals
136 South San Gabriel BLVD San Gabriel, CA 91776
10am TCG City Championship Check-in
1pm VG Premiere Challenge Check-in

Trading Card Game City Championship


  • Registration: ONLINE right til check-in ends.
  • Check-in: requires completed list 10-10:45am
  • Deck List: download or customize online.
  • Retrieve (or obtain) your Player ID now!
  • JR/SR Free; Masters $10 or 200 Bulk
  • Join our Facebook event page
  • Read our registration info post!!!
  • Read our CC prizing post
  • New: EON Ticket Street Pass!
  • New:  “Play for a Pack” in last round!
  • New: Winner of all 8+ person divisions gets free VIP pack admission to February Regional Championship!

This is a “standard format” event. Single game swiss rounds with up to top 8 best “2 of 3″ 50 minute single elimination round, depending on attendance in your division. Registration is online only. You can borrow a smartphone from a friend to register at the venue, but do it in advance.

Your legal sleeves (solid color or Pokemon issued), if used, must be unmarked, of course.

Advice: Don’t play with old sleeves; wear becomes marks. Attend to your hygiene; you will be sitting next to other people in person. Do not plan to bring more trades than you can keep under your chair; keep track of your stuff. Also, fill out your deck list in advance; neatly made changes are permitted on site. Vending must be OK’d with organizer by Dec. 6 in writing.

Masters we add a box to prizing and you “Play for a Pack”:

  1. Play out the last round (no pack to intentional draws nor concessions before time)
  2. Winner takes the Phantom Forces pack.
  3. No winner? Player that took the most prizes wins the pack.
  4. Tied on prizes? Player that won the flip takes the pack.

Masters Admission Payment

Required to be complete before end of check-in. One of the following:

  • $10 cash ($1 convenience fee for credit)
  • 200 clean, unmarked un/common Pokemon cards any set (no trainers or energy).

Video Game Premiere Challenge Alpha


  • Registration: ONLINE right til check-in ends.
  • Check-in: requires completed list 1-1:45pm.
  • Event starts after all required checks complete.
  • Admission $10 cash or 200 bulk – all divisions ($1 convenience fee for credit).
  • Read the format and check the legal PKMN list.

“EON Ticket” Street Pass

The organizer’s 3DS will be handing out an EON Ticket code to your Omega Ruby and/or Alpha Sapphire game via the “BuzzNav” Street Pass feature. Bring your game and grab the ticket.


See our prizing post for pictures and details. Prizes include:

  • Worlds 2014 store plushes
  • e-Shop and/or Amazon gift cards in proportion to attendance
  • New: Winner of all 8+ person divisions gets free VIP pack admission to February Regional Championship

Everyone attending will receive 2 Play! Points

Championship Points

Best Finish Limit: You best finish in up to 5 Premiere Challenge Events may be used toward your championship point total.

Placement Championship Points Kicker
1 40 0
2 32 0
3–4 26 0
5–8 20 16
9–12 14 32
13–16 8 32
17–32 4 64
33–64 2 128